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LEAP (Leveraged Energy Analysis Program)

Accelerate energy and water/sewer cost savings in your organization through LEAP.  The goal of the program is to recover and reduce utility costs.  LEAP into action and increase your bottom line!
What We Do
LEAP helps businesses and public sector organizations optimize the acquisitions and utilization of utility services including electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil and water/sewer.  Our highly valuable solutions will help lower the overall cost of energy and water/sewer services through customized LEAP solutions.
Our Approach
Cost Recovery actions optimize opportunities for our clients
to receive utility cost reimbursements or credits through:
  • Energy sales tax exemptions
  • Utility billing, metering and contract error recovery
  • Utility and governmental energy efficiency rebates
  • Deposit recovery

Cost Avoidance actions utilize a strategic approach to reduce
future utility use and costs through:
  • Appropriate rate tariffs
  • Identifying metering rearrangements such as primary
       metering and totalization
  • Distributed generation
  • Demand Response program contracts
  • Contract Minimum Demand adjustments
  • Facilities Charge modifications
The eDiscoveri ENERGY Difference
Our dedicated team of professionals aggressively identifies cost recovery and cost avoidance opportunities and develops/implements effective LEAP solutions for all clients in a timely manner.  There is no need to budget our services.  All cost recovery and cost avoidance fees are only payable out of dollar amounts saved or recovered on behalf of our clients.  LEAP fees are at approximately half the going rate of cost recovery and cost avoidance services in the marketplace.

"LEAP into action today and lower your costs of energy utilization"