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eDiscoveri ENERGY

Helping Customers Discover Energy Solutions

About eDiscoveri ENERGY

After 50 years of industrial, building automation systems, and electric utility experience, Ralph Russell founded the energy consulting firm eDiscoveri, LLC.  Ralph is a leader in helping industrial and governmental customers increase their productivity and competitiveness through energy management, energy cost reduction, and electric reliability solutions.

Ralph has a BSEE from the University of Kentucky and MBA from the University of Richmond.

eDiscoveri's mission is to help customers:

·        Reduce energy costs

·        Improve relationships with electric utilities

·         Increase operational up-time through improved electric supply reliability

eDiscoveri ENERGY can provide industrial and governmental customers with tools and services to help them “discover energy solutions”.


Guiding Principles


To minimize customer energy costs and improve their electric supply reliability by improving their utility service provider relationships.

Ralph W. Russell, II